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Car Fire Part II

The Car Fire Conclusion

Getting back to the auto shop fire…

The danger of gum cutter solution is that it could lead to tragedy with a simple spark. This is with the story heats up.

A member of my group said, “I’ll start the car and you spray the gum cutter at the same time.” I did, and all the sudden a big flame emerged. I was in shock. I couldn’t think what to do. It was like I was frozen. I was thinking what to do and all the sudden one of the three auto mechanics in a panic closed the hood and immediately opened it again knowing it was a mistake to shut it. I was rushing over to look for the fire extinguisher when another person ran and got it. Running to the car to end its infamous flame, he pulled the pin like in those action films. In slow-motion, I heard the endless ringing of the pin hitting the cement. He sprayed the car with the fire extinguisher. The stuff in the fire extinguisher looks different then what I imagined it would. It looked like sand.

It all seemed so fast. There was a big group of people, at least a dozen around us. We were glad it was a donated car as we went in to the shop expecting to hear a lecture. Our teacher was busy, so we came back at a more convenient time. I was upset and thought I would get kicked out of auto shop. As I opened the door my friend and I walked over to our teacher. We were saying sorry about what happened and were surprised to hear him say it was ok as long as no one got hurt. I was relieved to hear those words. That was the wake up of the week.

More trouble ahead…

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