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The Car Fire

Most of school can be boring but what wakes me up and keeps me going to school other then my love of homework of course (I am joking) is auto tech 2. The oil changes, full alignments, changing your spark plugs, changing oil filters, etcetera. I enjoy it as a hobby. So now to my story.

I was working on a donated car. What they do is send you a car that is in bad shape, which is donated by someone. The idea is to try to see how much it would cost for us to make it run well and even sell it to see if it would be a profit or waste of money. If it is a profit, we fix it and sell it but if it is not and would just be a waste of money to fix then we just use it as a practice car.

So we have a older Ford Escort (green, ok condition, mid 90’s). We had to re-order the plugs because it would not start. We sprayed gum cutter in a certain area and started the car. If it back fires then the plugs are not in order. So we tried it after the teacher explained it to us. We went out in the parking lot to work on it because there was not enough room in the shop. We had just re-ordered the plugs and sprayed the gum cutter again, which we would soon realize is flammable. And it back fires again so the person in the driver’s seat says, “let’s try it again.” I said, “ok”.

More Trouble Ahead...

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