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What's in the Bag

Hey, this is my first entry in my journal and the first day of writing on Diaryland. What got me writing here, other then my mother telling me that the more writing you do the better you will get at it, is probably that last week, I had one of the worst days of my life. I know that more people have been in serious accidents or scary incidents, so I guess this is one of those days where you do stupid and clumsily things and say to your self - why me?

I am 15 and I went to summer school for English this year. I finished summer school last week so I guess that is the good part about this story. The best part of the summer school day other then going home was lunch. Lunch where some friends and me go to sit down and talk for the very long lunch break. I am being sarcastic of course. I donít think 20 minutes is enough but it is summer school and no one said it was going to be fun.

Before I headed to lunch I zipped up my book bag, so it would not be smashed by the herd of kids running to their freedom. I put it on my chair so I could get ready for lunch. The teacherís helper, who isnít always as nice as the teacher, said to us as we were putting our stuff away to get ready for lunch, "Why are you getting up?" Of course I was too lazy to move my book bag and I knew there was nothing in it that I would smush if I sat on it so I did something I would soon regret. I sat on my bookbag.

There was a bottle of water that got loose and was leaking inside my book bag. I did not notice it till I felt something wet seeping through my pants I said, ďoh crapĒ. I was too anxious about going to lunch. I didnít really care so I put my bookbag upright and headed to lunch. When I returned I opened my book bag to see a bottle of open water half empty laying sideways in the bottom of my bookbag. As I pulled out a binder I noticed it was covered with wet pistachio shells and old crumbs of food.

More trouble aheadÖ

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