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The Broken Blue Martini

After the water bottle incident the sound of the bell made me feel like a bird. Free. When I got home I found out my sisterís boyfriend was coming over and my mom asked if I would please help her straighten the house. Of course, I said, "yes mom".

I started with straightening the shoes because they were thrown all over by the door. There were 100 shoes of my momís and 100 shoes of my sisterís Ė of course, Iím exaggerating but thatís what it seemed like to me. After that I cleaned the whole living room /dining room so that it would be a nice place for company to walk into. My room looked like a bomb hit it, as my mom and dad would say to me. So I also straightened it. I usually wouldnít do it without putting up a fight but I was already having a bad day so I figured why complicate my life more by arguing. I vacuumed and picked up all my clothes off the ground trying to wash away my troubles by cleaning up my messes.

I guess at one point I hit my dresser and one of my martini glasses that I collect fell off and broke into 20 pieces. I felt crushed. I admired the amazing blue color before I could throw it away. It was the coolest blue color I had ever seen. Luckily, it was part of a set and I still had one left on my other shelf.

I sat down and starting to get mad at my day but I tried to stay happy so I cleaned up the rest of the pieces from the floor and finished my room. Afterwards, as I was sitting on the couch resting from all the work I did, I said, "hey Sis, so whenís your boyfriend coming over?" To my surprise she says, "Oh, he canít come over, he has to work."

More trouble aheadÖ

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