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Snowboard Trip

Snowboarding was great and lots of fun. It was about a three-hour trip but watching I Robot all the way down made the time go by pretty fast. When we got there it was really a cool sight to see. It looked like huge monstrous hills of snow. Best of all there was almost no one there because although it was a day off for our county schools, it wasnít one where we were snowboarding.

We filled out some forms - all four of us. (I went there with four friends.) We got our snow gear and boards and strapped up. While we were putting our boots on, we saw a friend we hadnít seen in a while but now we would soon be hanging out with her. At first the only way I knew how to stop was to either fall down, which hurt, or run into something. I fell down a lot. People say it doesnít hurt to fall on your butt, but I think it is the worst out of all the ways to fall. Itís been a week and my butt still hurts. I fell on my butt at least four times, got the wind knocked out of me once, have a bruise the size of a bar of soap on my foot and did two cartwheels with two rotations down a hill. It was fun and worth it even with all the falls. I had a great time.

Later on I started to get the hang of it and after a while I was pretty good. I could turn and stop really fast and was quicker down the hills. Eventually it was time to go. We turned in our boards and walked out to the car. We took pictures out in front of the ski park and piled into the van exhausted. We watched Oceans 11 on the way home, which is a movie I enjoy. When I got home I went right up to bed. I was wiped out. I had a blast and hope to go again soon.

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