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Devoting My Time To My School

I never though I would ever spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday at school. Well I did and this is how it happened. Friday all day, all I did was sit and watch people practicing their parts for the school play. Saturday was the most fun part of the weekend. Four other people and I painted our school mascot for publicity for our play. It was a blast. We painted the mascot with blues, whites, purples, and a really cool picture of the play. I got paint on my jacket but I still had fun painting the mascot.

The painting of the bear was a big success. Sunday was the day we set up some more props for the play. It was cool because it was building and painting. My week was filled with after school activites instead of sitting on my butt doing nothing. The upcoming week was the week of the play and me being an usher

More Trouble Ahead...

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